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Wedding Cupcakes

Early this year, maybe even near the end of last year, I agreed to two rather immovable events.  Vacation in Europe with my girlfriend and making cupcakes for a wedding.  I did this without confirming dates because I thought “Hey, there are 52 weeks in a year and there’s no way they could be on the same day”. Guess what? They were.  The vacation had to happen to coincide with a conference in Milan, Italy, which started the day after the wedding.

Seriously. I make two major plans for a whole year and they fall in the same timeframe. Someone, somewhere is laughing at me!

Anyhoo, it mostly worked out, but the evening after I got back from Europe I was at the Bride’s sisters place prepping for 4 types of cupcakes.  We only had to make 100. It sounds a bit daunting but easily falls into the category of ‘Oh, its only a few batches’ (8).

Day 1 – made the ganache, spicy ganache, bacon (yes, bacon) and strawberries.

Day 2 – 8 batches of cupcakes and begin icing with ganaches.

Day 3 – Panicked and made another batch of strawberry to replace the little ones. Iced all remaining cakes.

Day 4 – Ruin 8 cupcakes. Wedding.

When we got the the venue in the evening I asked the staff for the cupcake tower I had been told about. A few minutes later someone materializes with 3 12″ square plates and a small metal stand. I stared at it for a bit before telling them that I had 100 cupcakes. The guy’s eyes got really big for a second and he said “Oh. Ok, I’ll go see what we have.” He came back with enough stuff though, so it wasn’t a big deal. I guess I just assumed a cupcake tower might be larger than that.

Everything after that was smooth.  The wedding was fantastic, the cupcakes and cake were a hit and the couple is happy!

All in all we made:  Whiskey Maple Bacon, Spicy Chocolate Surprise, Chocolate, and Strawberry Vanilla.