Taste Test Pass!


I finally opened a jar of my beet jelly on Labour Day weekend at the cottage.  I had no idea what to expect.  I refused to believe what people were saying about it not tasting like beets at all.  Beet is an unmistakable flavour. How, then, could 4 cups of beet juice be transformed into a berry flavour.


But it was. Oh wow.  I haven’t had jelly in years.  I don’t usually keep enough bread products around the house to warrant it. Now I have 5 more jars of this red gold in my pantry. I’m going to have to buy some more Rusks. I have a renewed love for the wobbly stuff!


I also opened a jar of my pickled beets. Amazing. Very mild pickling solution so they’re still mostly beety! Lookin’ forward to pulling out a jar of these guys mid january.



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