Borrowed peels

I don’t like oranges.

So when I decided to make this Homemade Orange Cleaner I realized I would have to come up with orange peels somewhere.

But lucky me, I work with a guy who eats an orange every day.

Now, to pitch the idea!

The look he gave me after I uttered the words ‘Can I have your orange peels?’ was pretty awesome. I do love evoking that look from people.

I told him that he would get the pleasure of knowing what would otherwise be waste was going to be reused! Another incredulous look.

Next, I offered him a bottle of the result of his contributions! No luck there either.

Lastly, I offered cookies. He eats them by the bagful. Everyday. This, I knew, was a guarantee.


Today, I have two orange peels soaking in vinegar. By the end of the week I’ll have enough to fill my jar and let ’em soak. 🙂

I think I might add some cinnamon too.



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