Pickling Trials 2: Eggs and Beets

Wednesday I went to the store to get green peppers. Two stores actually. Not a single green pepper to be found.  So I panicked and went home with nothing. Nothing and two litres of apple cider vinegar. haha!

I love beets so any chance to do something new with them gets me excited. This time, in light of no peppers for my relish, I  cracked wise about making pickled eggs instead. Something I swore I would never eat!

Growing up, there was always a jar of pickled eggs in the fridge that my dad would snack on, much to the disgust of my mother and I! However, when I came across this recipe for beet pickled eggs, my love of all things pickled, combined with my fondness for beets overwhelmed that memory.

I now have a jar of homemade pickled beets in my fridge! Yay! (I think…)




I cannot wait to taste them!


Tonight, for my after work snack I decided to try an egg! I was excited and terrified at the same time. The predominating flavour is the anise, but it’s not overwhelming.  They’re a bit sweet & sour and overall really tasty! I definitely like them and they would be amazing in a potato salad. Oh! And what a way to spice up an egg salad! wow. I can see myself keeping a jar of these around.

And how cute would these be if I used quail eggs! *swoons*



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One thought on “Pickling Trials 2: Eggs and Beets

  1. […] pickling project was beets this time.  After the success of the beets in the egg recipe I wanted more beets but with a simpler flavour.  I found some tiny beets at the farmers market and […]

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