Pickling Trials 1: Pickles!

Wheeee! I love pickled things. Mostly pickles, but really, I’d probably eat almost anything if it’s pickled first. Although, in saying that I realise I could get myself into dangerous territory. DSC02327Anyhoo, went to the big downtown farmers market last weekend.  It was pretty wonderful. Almost overwhelming. All I wanted was pickles and dill – which turned out to be the hardest thing to find! But find them I did, and the pickling has begun.

The dill smells amazing. It was all I could smell all the way home on the subway.

I started pickling on Sunday and I didn’t stop until Thursday! I made pickles of all flavours, shapes and sizes. I pickled everything I could get my hands on.  haha! I made some cucumber pepper relish and then I discovered a recipe for beet pickled eggs and made those too!! And I’m not done yet. Not by a long shot. 🙂


All burners firing! Don’t mind the eggs – those were for dinner!

I have this easy recipe for refrigerator pickles and its awesome.  Its not fancy but it leaves room to play with flavours. I really liked the curried ones I did a couple years ago and this year I got a request for spicy pickles. The pickles available were medium to large, so I sliced them all which ways to maximize the pickle to jar ratio!


Handy? I think so!

Once I had made the brine for the standard refrigerator pickles, I used some of it to try out the boiling to seal method. I keep intending to borrow my moms pickling pot and bottle holder but since I haven’t I used my asparagus pot instead! The basket made it very easy (I don’t have a jar grabber), but not very efficient, as it could only do one bottle at a time… I think it worked, so I will try them in another week or so to see how they taste. *crosses fingers* I then proceeded to make about a dozen jars of miscellaneous flavours of the refrigerator pickles. I bought some adorable hot peppers at the market as well and I tossed a couple in… hopefully they’ll be hot enough! I’m also going to pickle the hot peppers!


I had so much fun pickling that I’ve decided to delve into this canning thing a little more. A while ago I was watching the Food Network and Laura Calder did this to some lovely tomatoes. I don’t even like tomatoes but I knew I had to make them. This should make some tasty winter soup with grilled cheese. mmmm!



It was a bit tangy and not too sweet! I left out half the sugar, but I think it would have been ok if I hadn’t.


I love the way pickles look in a jar, especially with the dill.

Here are the sources of my inspiration:

Refrigerator Pickles – I love this book!

Home Canned Tomatoes – She makes it look so effortless!

Beet Pickled Eggs – I’ll post a review when I eat one.



My collection so far!



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