Saturday Night: Inniskillin & Venchi

What did I do this saturday night?

I poured myself a bottle of wine and ate the best chocolate I’ve ever had.

I was recently in Europe for 3 weeks, specifically Italy, Spain and France.  While there I tried some pretty fabulous food; and maybe this is the wine talking… But Venchi chocolate is the most amazing chocolate I have graced my taste buds with to date. It’s soft and creamy and the flavour… oh the flavour.

The hazelnut tastes like you’ve put a real hazelnut in your mouth. They leave you satisfied but yet desiring – not too rich and perfectly velvety.  Your lips maintain a soft sweetness that you don’t notice at first and that makes you want to taste it again…

Had I known they would be this good, I would have bought more.

sweet treats

I guess I should talk about the wine too? ok.

It was a 2012 Late Autumn Riesling. Sweet but not overwhelming; smelled like apples with a bit of citrus which is a pleasant balance against the sweetness. *pours another glass and sips* It’s quite nice  – not too dry; the initial sweetness is enjoyable and not overpowering. (It isn’t a particularly good match for the chocolate, but I wasn’t planning on eating the chocolate when I opened the wine! ) I think it would go well with some goat cheese or a spicy indian chicken dish… I might have to test that theory.



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3 thoughts on “Saturday Night: Inniskillin & Venchi

  1. Dan B May 26, 2013 at 7:38 am Reply

    I’ve been to the inniskillin winery and it was nice. you should go there some time. it’s not too far from Toronto.

  2. MissModderman May 26, 2013 at 3:40 pm Reply

    I am hoping to do a wine tour this summer in the Niagara region. 🙂 Maybe you and the gf can join us?!

    • Dan B May 28, 2013 at 5:01 pm Reply

      That woud be an experience lol, let me know when I am alwy up for wine and cheese. We end up going every fewonths so we can be your tour guides :D!

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