March Maple Maddness


Today, we went to the Mountsberg Conservation Area for the maple syrup festival. I haven’t been inside a sugar shack for probably 20 years!



It smelled incredible in here.  Woodsmoke and sugar.

Did you know that the sap runs up from the roots?  It’s a collection of starch that the tree creates to act as an antifreeze during the winter.  Enzymes during the spring thaw change this starch into sugar.


The sugar content of the sap is between 2-4%.  It takes 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup.   


Only 10% of the tree’s total sap is extracted each year.

It takes one gallon of syrup to produce eight pounds of candy or sugar.


I took away some maple fudge, candy and maple cookies.  The cookies are far removed from the fresh maple process, but maple cookies are a weakness. I already have 2 types of real syrup in my fridge, so I didn’t buy more!


On a side note, they have a Raptor Centre and we got to see several beautiful Falcons, Eagles and Owls.

And they also have bison! They’re adorable. Giant fur afro. This guy was curious and spent quite a bit of time snuffling around us at the fence.



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