Gingerbread House: Phase 3

Holy moly. Time really flies when making gingerbread. And flies and flies…

Ok, I also take my time. I find myself standing in my kitchen doorway staring at the house and thinking about what’s next and then I realize I’ve been there a while and should probably stop thinking and start doing.

I would have been mostly finished Sunday night if I hadn’t completely b0rked the windows. They were wrong in so many ways… *sigh*

I used chocolate to try to outline the window with the dark accent frames… it failed. Miserably. I couldn’t get the chocolate to a workable consistency. It was either waaaaay too melty or a soft solid. It leaked all over the place, dripped down the sides and generally didn’t do what I wanted it to.  I persisted and finished all of the windows hoping I would have some sort of epiphany in how to fix them, or that when they were all done I wouldn’t be so disappointed.

The final straw was when they were mostly finished and dry I placed them where they were supposed to go and they didn’t fit. And even when I wedged them in under the roof, creating an unsightly gap between roof and wall, they looked horrendous.


They have been relegated to the realm of mere cookies.

more icing...

I started the windows from scratch on Monday night, measuring the space from roof overhang to ground and prayed that the leftover dough from Sunday would be enough to finish the windows (and the chimney and all the little fill in the space pieces). It was, with yet a bit leftover. Thank god. Since I only had a few chimney pieces.

new windows

aren’t they adorable?

Tuesday I could only hope my mere 200g of dough would be enough to finish things…


It was. I finished up the chimney and the attached the windows and filled in all the gaps in both.


This is me getting tired of holding things in place long enough for the icing to stick… Probably about 1am…

Tonight I finish the decoration and landscaping.

rear viewchimneystill a little rough...

I have a woven gummi patio that I’m pretty stoked about, plus the adorable trees and just wait until you see the property fence 😀  too cute.

woven patio


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