Gingerbread House: As-Built

It’s finally done.

I can now return to getting 8 hours of sleep. sweet sweet sleep.

2kg of icing sugar, 4kg of flour,  over a dozen eggs… and Voila. A tiny house.

home sweet home

This picture made me realize I missed the icing on the roof edge in between the two dormers. Oh well, I have leftover icing to fix this tonight. These are the details you don’t notice at 2am.


The little patio lamps are too cute. If I were really crazy I would have made patio furniture… But I figured it would be inside for the winter…


I messed up the edging around the rear windows… I have this need to use the star tip for the icing when I start… Habit, I guess.


Again with the star tip on the corners of the house… It used to look nice and fluffy on the old standard houses… But this style begs more of a clean look.


Can you picture your tiny self walking up to this entry? (Or am I the only one?)


This might lead to some sort of summer gingerbread house… Something about the patio makes me want to make more tiny outdoor stuff.

I learned a lot on this adventure.  Measure twice, cut once, bake. Remeasure, recut, rebake.  Aside from the windows, no major issues though. The icing worked out every time and aside from the first batch of slightly dry gingerbread, no problems! Wheeee.

Eventually, this will be brought to a party (although how I’m going to transport it there is beyond me) and destroyed. I will post pictures.

Next year I’m thinking of a replica of my parents house.  I have had a few requests for something with a garage (don’t as me why…) and I think i might oblige.  It also has a pretty fun front porch…  I’m going to have to start in November… oh man, only 10 months before I start this process again! haha.


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