Gingerbread House: Phase 2

okidokie... time flies when you're making gingerbread!

So, thus far, I have all of the house pieces except a few chimney pieces.  I have the windows, dormers and main walls assembled.


The dormers and windows are coated in chocolate. Going to draw in the window frames with more chocolate... 

The roof is coated in chocolate as well, I will probably do a pretty standard pattern on top with icing and m&m's... 

Every time I move I lose my gingerbread board and I have to find a new one. This year I had nothing… except an ikea shelf that was previously part of my coffee table (don’t ask why).

property lines

Wrap it in tin foil and voila a 126′ x 46′ lot for a semi-detached home.



I have to wait for the chocolate to harden before i can start assembling the roof bits… I am going to try to draw the frames on the windows now. Wish me luck 😛

Not sure if I’ll get too much decorating in tonight though, it may have to wait until Monday. I have a ton of little ideas.

I made a few christmassy cookies, but since its past Christmas I’m going to make mostly ninjabread! This year I decided to try to decorate the ninjas. I’ve made them before but did not want to tackle the icing…


These trees are my faveourite!

white ninja

sneaky ninja

Ninjas!!! These guys are too cute.




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2 thoughts on “Gingerbread House: Phase 2

  1. […] to be continued… […]

  2. Rob Salmond January 7, 2013 at 1:23 am Reply

    Ermagherd! Ninjabread looks awesome!

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