Movember Madness

I started a new job last year in mid October and I soon discovered there were other bakers in the office. One of the other bakers ran a Movember Bake sale (by herself) and baked different goodies for order, 3 weeks in a row. Of course I ordered some wonderful chocolaty brownies. (how could I not?!) From that moment on, I had a dream. and that dream was making mustache cookies.

I started searching online immediately to find mustache shaped cookie cutters and I found plenty.

…but they were all back ordered, since it was more than halfway through November already. I gave up the idea that it would happen that year, but I never forgot…  Actually, I did forget, right until about the time I was supposed to be ordering the cookie cutters before it got too late. Ha. My friend and coworker, Jane, with whom I’ve spent many hours discussing baking, found some on the official Movember site and sent me the link just in time to snap me out of my daze.

After a rather lengthy process of trying to set up a paypal account and get the credit card and bank card authorized, then some money transferred… I was beginning to fear I might, again, be too late to order them. During this payment debacle, I came in contact with John from who informed that I would definitely have my cookie cutters in time for Movember and that he would love to see pictures.

I finally got around to emailing the pictures to him recently and I’m also posting them here.

Thanks to everyone who helped raise Movember Money!




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One thought on “Movember Madness

  1. Rob Salmond November 27, 2012 at 5:35 pm Reply

    Tom Selleck would be proud!

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